Beyond the Turnout Podcast:

EFW – Beyond The Turnouts – Ep1EFW – Beyond The Turnouts – Ep1: In this episode, Coach Hofman interviews The 2016 NSCA TSAC Practitioner Award Winner Mark Able.

EFW – Beyond The Turnouts – Ep2: In this episode, Coach Hofman interviews Rob Orr about his areas of expertise in tactical training.

behind the shield BEHIND THE SHIELD: It was an honor to be able to speak ith James Geering and his podcast. James is a firefighter with a passion towards health and wellness. He started his podcast in hopes to spread the word and help more firefighters, and I believe he is doing a great job!

Behind the Shield: Episode 32 - John Hofman


TFR small TRAIN FIGHT RECOVER: This website is dedicated to the men and women who serve as first responders and members of the military. TFR provides fitness and health related information for strength and conditioning coaches, unit leaders, department heads, and those preparing to join a department or the armed forces.

TFR Episode 002 John Hofman:

STTSMARTER TEAM TRAINING (SST): The SMARTER Team Training Audio Interview Series has been developed to share insights from some of the best in the industry. Stay tuned for more insights, tips, drills, and techniques to come from STT on iTunes, STT on Stitcher and STT on Spreaker. Be sure to share the STT Audio Interview Series with coaches, trainers, parents, and athletes too.

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